Member of the Month

January & February 2016 Member of the Month

 Member Highlight: Theresa Jennings, 2007 AAF-IE President & 2008 AAF-IE Treasurer


Having been in American Advertising Federation since 2004, chapter leadership since 2005, Inland Empire President in 2007, and Treasurer in 2008, Theresa Jennings has made her mark on our illustrious history!

After her stint with the local club, where she was awarded the coveted Silver Medal in 2008, she was commissioned as the District 15 Treasurer in 2008.

According to her, she has “made a lot of friends and business contacts as a result of being a part of AAF.”

Theresa’s business, MindSqeezeCreative, is a local business that does customized WordPress sites and graphic design not only in the Inland Empire, but for clients as far as Santa Clarita and beyond. This year, Theresa is expanding her excellence by taking programming classes at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa. This will hone her expertise and help her to expand, yet again, her business. She started out in 2003 by taking a class to learn how to code websites from scratch… and look where she’s taken that!

Theresa loves her daughter and son, and her two grandchildren, ages 7 and 9. This year she’ll be undergoing surgery for a benign (non-cancerous), but very painful, brain tumor. It hasn’t affected her ability to work, but it needs to be removed. With the support of her friends in the WordPress Community, her church, and AAF, she has started a GoFundMe account to pay for the astronomical costs of the co-payment for the surgery.  If you are interested in helping, this GoFundMe is located at:

This account is named “Not Letting This Brain Tumor Win!” So poignant for Theresa, as she has surmounted many obstacles in her life. When asked what advice she would give to others in web development and graphic design, Theresa says, “Always be learning and never give up.” Way to go, Theresa! 

Article Written by: Bobbi Albano


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November: Trevor Glaudin, Genius Musician and Recent Graduate from CSUSB with BA in Commercial Music
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January: Theresa Jennings, 2007 AAF-IE President
February: Theresa Jennings, 2007 AAF-IE President