Member of the Month, November 2015: Trevor Glaudin

November 2015 Member of the Month

 Member Highlight: Trevor Glaudin, Genius Musician and Recent Graduate from CSUSB with BA in Commercial Music.

“The best advice I could give any student currently trying to discover what they would like to pursue, is to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you”, says Trevor Glaudin, recent graduate from California State University San Bernardino and the newest member of the American Advertising Federation – Inland Empire!

Trevor graduated this past year with a Bachelors degree in Commercial Music and English.

While in college, Trevor was able to discover his true passion for sound recording and composition. He went into college only knowing that he wanted to do something with his love for music. He then spent his years on campus participating in any music oriented activity he could find. That’s how he discovered production music. He was offered the chance to compose some pieces for Coyote Radio, took on the opportunity, and discovered that he really enjoyed the work. His goal is to work in this exciting field full time… and he’s got plenty of upcoming opportunities with reputable companies!

When asked how he found himself in this sort of field, Trevor reflected on his internship with Coyote Radio and specifically, Lacey Kendall – the department’s director and fellow American Advertising Federation member and past president.

“I knew this was what I wanted to do when I had the opportunity to explore production music composition working at Coyote Radio… Ms. Kendall helped me learn how identify the type of music a video or audio project called for, then create a piece that would appropriately highlight the project’s content and message.”

Since graduation, Trevor currently works as a guitar teacher and performer. He works with several actively performing bands including the JT Manning Band and the One Life Band.

So when asked, why the American Advertising Federation, Trevor responded that he hopes to meet many new people and find more opportunities to create music for advertisements and other media.

Trevor currently lives in the High Desert, but hopes to relocate to Orange County in the near future.

So, to continue on with his advice for college students, Trevor has this to add, “join any and every club that interests you, take on projects that you have no experience with, and challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then. Try everything even vaguely related to your passions and interests and just see what excites you.”

Check out some of his work on SoundCloud!

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Article Written by: Bobbi Albano

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