Member of the Month, June 2015: Greg Zerovnik

June 2015 Member of the Month

Member Highlight: Greg Zerovnik (BFA, EMBA, & PhD) Interim Director, Marketing and Public Relations at San Bernardino Valley College


So what hasn’t Greg Zerovnik done?

Dr. Zerovnik, or Greg, as his friends call him, has done everything from being the first-ever in-house art director for Fantasy Records, a graduate school marketing and management professor, a nationally recognized direct mail piece designer, a journalist and more!

Having been the president of the American Advertising Federation – Inland Empire (what was then known as the Inland Empire Ad Club) for three-and-a-half years, Greg has close ties to the club. In fact, it was Greg that is responsible for the affiliation with the American Advertising Federation and for making the club what it is today.

And, Greg is still a member!

Greg owned his own advertising agency in the Inland Empire for about twelve years and was the only Western States Advertising Agency Association accredited agency in the region. During that time, he was recognized by direct mail guru Dennison Hatch in “Who’s Mailing What” as having designed the best direct mail piece in the United States for the month of March 1992.

There are two people that have had the greatest influence on Greg. One is his undergraduate art teacher, Roger Welchans, who Greg credits for motivating him to change his major from English to Art. This resulted in Greg’s move out to California from Ohio as a transfer student. “California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland changed my life, and Roger was the one who enabled that,” says Greg.

The other was Peter Drucker when Greg went back to school in 1982 and Drucker was teaching at Claremont Graduate University. His motivation for enrolling in an Executive MBA program was to find out why some of his advertising might work for one client and the same approach not work for another. According to Greg, “Peter changed my entire orientation to management, marketing and strategy.”

In 2003 he decided to finally pursue a PhD when he found out about a brand new Doctorate in Media Psychology offered at Fielding Graduate University. Lambert Academic Press of Germany has published his dissertation in book form.

When asked what Greg would tell his 18-year-old self if he could, his answer was, “Work harder and push yourself!”

If you see Greg at your next event, please introduce yourself, and invite Greg to play a round of golf–I bet he’ll say “yes!”


Article Written by: Bobbi Albano

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