ADDY Sponsorships

2013 Inland Empire ADDY Gala Sponsorships

In the Inland Empire, our chapter of American Advertising Federation unites all the major players in the advertising industry including agencies, marketers, media buyers and sellers (e.g. TV, cable, print, news, radio), digital as well as suppliers of services such as printers, photographers and designers.

How important is the ADDY Gala to the Inland Empire?  Each month we reach nearly 500 contacts of which 300 people attend our ADDY Gala.  Therefore, by sponsoring the ADDY Gala it supports the Inland Empire and its just good business for your business!

To promote, build and deliver the ADDY Gala is great fun but it is not inexpensive.  To help offset a portion of the direct costs from the Gala, we have developed the following the sponsorship opportunities.

  1. Audio Video Sponsor> To deliver the ADDY Gala, we incur expenses for audio and video services.  To showcase each entry in the outer showroom, this year we plan on staging 3 computers with large monitors where gala attendees can engage with the ADDY entries.We are looking for a business to offset the expenses for the AV services and provide the necessary computers and large monitors for the Gala (may be rendered in kind).
  2. Beverage Sponsor> It turns out that when people attend the ADDY Gala, they like to sample a glass of wine, beer, and cocktail.  Some even go as far as drinking several diet colas.  Anyhow like the AV services, we incur expenses for two bartenders.We are looking to offset this expense to pay for the bartender services.  Of course, a business could make lots of friends with an open bar (e.g. wine and beer) until 7 pm!
  3. Education Scholarship Sponsor(s)> Education is the cornerstone to the AAF.  Not only do we host educational luncheons throughout the year, we also bestow scholarships to college and university students in the Inland Empire.We would like to bestow $1,000 educational scholarships to three students at the ADDY Gala and are looking for business to fund this goal.  Our goal is one business but we are open to two businesses to share in this mission.
  4. Photography Sponsor> People like to have their picture taken at the ADDYs and love to see pictures following the Gala.  We post them on our website and share them on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google +).We would like to have a photographer take pictures of attendees before, during and after the Gala. This service may be rendered in kind.
  5. Trophy and Certificate Sponsor> Each year we employ the services of a great company in the Inland Empire to produce our trophies.  While they do great work and low pricing, this is still an operating expense for our chapter.  In addition Silver and Bronze recipients receive printed certificates.We are looking for a business to offset the expenses for the trophy and certificate services.

The value of the above sponsorships ranges from in-kind to $3,000.  In exchange for your ADDY Gala sponsorship we will provide recognition in the following manner:

Leading up to the Gala
✓ Logos and mentions in email communications during ADDY entry submission
✓ Logos and mentions in email communication regarding the Gala promotion
✓ Sponsorship reference on including a logo and link to your business

At the ADDY Gala
✓ 2 tickets with VIP Seating (you select the table)
✓ Sponsorship reference by the master of ceremonies
✓ Sponsorship reference in the Gala Awards presentation
✓ Sponsorship reference in a table top display on each table
✓ Social media references in Google +, Facebook and Twitter

Following the ADDY Gala
✓ Logos and mentions in email communications regarding the Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients
✓ Logos and mentions in email communications regarding forwarding instructions to district judging
✓ Logos and mentions in email communications regarding Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients at district judging
✓ Sponsorship reference on and social media that displays gala photography

Your support can make a big difference in 2013.  If you are interested in one of the above sponsorships, contact the 2013 ADDY Chair John Mccarthy at 909-921-1062 (mobile) or via email at