2015-2016 Board

AAF IE Board 2014-2015

(Photographed [left to right]: Mark Thomas, Su Pak, Peter Mobley, Julie Wright, Jacob Poore,
Paul Lane, Bobbi Albano, John Barry, Lacey Kendall, Kristine Elledge. Missing from photo: Susan Anderson)


President – Peter Mobley

Vice-President – Leslie Fountain

Secretary – Susan Anderson

Treasurer – Faeda Elliott

Past-President –  Su Pak


Membership Chair– Jon Burgess

Awards Chair  Mark Landon

Board Member/Public Relations Chair – John Barry

Communications Chair – Kristine Elledge

Education Chair – Jacob Poore

Programs Chair – Bobbi Albano

The Inland Empire chapter is a Division IV in District 15 in the Western Region of AAF National.

Current Division IV Chair – Sandy Arizmendis, AAF Orange County

Current District 15 Governor – John Dowd, Brand North

Current AAF National President & CEO – James Edmund Datri

Learn more about the American Advertising Federation by visiting http://www.aaf.org

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