Member of the Month, December 2015: Victoria Seitz

December 2015 Member of the Month

 Member Highlight: Victoria Seitz, Chair of the Marketing Department at CSUSB.

Dr. Victoria Seitz is not only a phenomenal expert in marketing, advertising and public relations, she is also a distinguished author and the chair of the marketing department at California State University San Bernardino.

Dr. Seitz started her career with Burdines Department Stores, which was later purchased by Macy’s.  She worked as a fashion coordinator and conducted fashion shows as well as promotions for the retailer.   Her favorite part of the job was putting fashion shows together and the many perks that came with the job, such as having a hair stylist at her disposal!
Dr. Seitz has published 5 books on image marketing such as Power Dressing (1990), Your Executive Image (1992, 2000) and I Don’t Wear A Suit (2011) along with two others that were co-authored and written in Romanian. Along with these literary works, Dr. Seitz has also published hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, and various business journals on the topic of image making, marketing, direct marketing, selling, advertising, and public relations and has been a guest on television and radio programs across the country and in Canada.
Recently, Dr. Seitz returned from a two week trip to Russia where she gained a deeper understanding of communism and the cause and effects of various types of governmental structures. She learned that the devastating fallout of having very rich and very poor citizens of a country is the common thread that leads to revolution. “Communism was their attempt in Russia to establishing a middle class.” She strongly believes that education is a key to building a strong middle class that is so essential to maintaining stability in a society.
Dr. Seitz has strong ties with the Inland Empire chapter of the American Advertising Federation, having served as president twice in the mid-1990’s and the mid-2000’s. She has also been involved in many roles throughout the years and was instrumental in the development of the Academic Achievement Award.


Article Written by: Bobbi Albano

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