Call To Action: Contact your Congressman or Congresswoman


Posted by Jon Burgess – AAF District 15 Governor

This is an appeal for action, to “Preserve the current standard business deduction for the cost of advertising.”  Any tax on advertising would be devastating not just to the advertising industry, but to the national economy as well. 


The House Ways and Means Committee has developed draft legislation that would impose a tax on advertising. Today businesses may deduct 100% of the cost of their advertising. The proposal would allow only 50% in the year the ad runs and require a business to spread the remaining amount over 10 years. IHS Global Insight estimates this could reduce sales in the U.S. by $446 billion and place 1.7 million U.S. jobs at risk.

For 100 years, the Tax Code has permitted businesses to deduct the full cost of their advertising, just as it permits the deduction of other ordinary business costs like salaries, rent, utilities and office supplies.

Call To Action

Please contact congress and express strong opposition to any attempt to limit the full current year deduction for advertising expenses. In other words, “You do NOT support a tax on advertising.”

Members of Congress can be contacted though the U.S. House of Representatives website,  Just enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner to find your Representative and a link to his or her webpage.


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I do NOT support a Tax on Advertising. Find out more #NoAdTax #AAF

Stop Congress from taxing advertising! Find out more #NoAdTax #AAF #advertising

Contact Congress and tell them, “Do Not Tax Advertising!” Find out how at #NoAdTax #AAF #advertising

Why this Matters

I (Jon Burgess) sit on the National Board for the American Advertising Federation (AAF) as a District Governor for Southern California and Southern Nevada.  The AAF mission is to be the Unified Voice of Advertising and protect all business’ right to advertise under the first amendment.

“This bill is a tremendous threat against all businesses, advertisers, and media outlets. It needs grass roots action to stop. It is imperative that all business leaders contact your member of congress to stop this action.”

You can find more information at from AAF National at, or