March Newsletter: It’s the luck of the Irish

Victoria Seitz

And I hope you’re feeling lucky this month.  Not only is St. Patrick’s day right around the corner but the ADDY Gala is March 11th.  Heck you don’t need luck to win an ADDY! We have lots of talent here in the IE and it will be showcased at the annual Gala at the Mission Inn in Riverside starting at 6pm.  To have the opportunity to be working in a growing area in a field that is so dynamic, WOW can it get any better than this! Get your tickets NOW.  It will be great so see you and we will have a great time.   We have been fortunate to have Mark Landon at the helm of the ADDY competition and Gala for many years and his ability to put one on successfully has been recognized by our National office.  Thank you Mark for your willingness to make the ADDDY’s a show that merits the professional attention of all agencies large and small throughout the US!
And after the Gala while you’re basking in your glory as a winner be sure to mark your calendar for April 21st for our program on market research.  Think of it, anytime we have a question and we search to find the answer we are conducting research.  Understanding the marketplace and, most importantly, our target market, helps us to focus our message to achieve the desire results.  Learning new and better ways to get the answers is a win-win for everyone involved!  Then in May be ready to get cultured with “Art Bash!”  What fun this will be. You will want to check out the photos, fun and information on our facebook page as well as follow us on twitter where you will get instant updates and great article links.  These are just a couple of value added benefits of membership in AAF-IE.

Finally, I just want to let you know that in April I will be off to Romania for sabbatical; however, Jon Burgess will be stepping in as Acting President.  He brings a wealth of experience in new media and advertising as a member of  Red Fusion Media located in Redlands.  As for what to look forward to, Jon will be seeking your vote for the new Executive Board for AAF-IE that will be working throughout the coming year.  If it weren’t for the volunteers in this organization we would not have the annual ADDY competition and Gala, nor the many programs that have helped to enhance our understanding of advertising.  My hat is off to the volunteers that take time so that we may benefit by it.  So please extend your thanks to our board and the many volunteers that make the ADDY’s and AAF-IE function!

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve you.


Victoria Seitz, PhD, AAF-IE President
Department of Marketing
California State University, San Bernardino
work: 909-537-5753, fax: 909-537-7515
cell: 909-720-3932
twitter: vseitz, skype: victoria8756