AAF Programs 2010-2011 (read only if you’re extra cool – or want to be)

Note! Attend any of these programs and be guaranteed to increase your cool factor tenfold (at a minimum). You will walk away with so much useful advertising and marketing knowledge your head is going to burst. You will become that gal (or guy) who leads the pack! Basically, you don’t want to miss any of these events!


September 9: Mobile Marketing and Advertising with Claus Enevoldsen

October 7: Wake Up Call

October 14: Adobe Training

November: Social Media Marketing Law School

December 2: Wake Up Call

December 9: Holiday Party (evening event)

January 27: Brands that Rock – How to build one of the strongest brands by developing fans rather than customers. Panel discussion with Wahoo Fish Tacos, No Fear and Juice it Up (evening event).

January: Tips and Tricks to submitting your Addy

February: Hispanic Marketing with Disney Latin Division

February: Golf Tournament

March: Addy Gala Awards (evening event)

April: Online Video and Mobile Marketing

April: Bowling Social (evening event)

May: Customer Segmentation and Direct Targeting with CEO Todd Green of Head Blade

May: Temecula Winery Social (evening event)

June: Digital Signage with Ingram Micro